Thursday, 6 September 2018

An appeal

Dolores keeps saying "Ronald, why can't you sell more books?"

"It's not my fault. Those bastard beer geeks don't appreciate my genuis."

"You could just write books people actually want to read."

"No. No. that would completely betray my principles. And be too commercial."

"Good luck making any money out of your writing, then."

Dolores is so cynical.

Prove her wrong by investing in one of these:


rod said...


With your languages and knowledge, you're the only man to write the definitive-ever, of all time, book on Lager!

dls5492 said...

I enjoyed listening to you on Brad Smith's (Beersmith) podcast.

Unknown said...

Listening to beersmith podcast has twisted my arm to buy yet another of your books, ironically I’ve splashed out on Austerity!

Your books are breaking my bookcase;)