Wednesday, 22 August 2018

What I drank in my Berlin hotel, 2018 edition.

I got back from the US with a nasty cold. You're going to have to wait until I'm feeling better for my tales of wandering around pissed. Not that there was much of that, this time out. I was mostly watching Andrew drink beer.

Most of the time he was doing around three beers to my one. Though I was drinking stronger stuff than him. mostly. It was much the same when we were in Berlin. Especially at the festival, where him and Alexei were shovelling down cider and Pils.

Obviously, Alexei wasn't shovelling down anything in the US. Which, understandably, he wasn't all that happy about. Which is one of the reasons I scheduled time in Mexico and Canada.

True to tradition, here's what I drank in my Berlin hotel. Not as many as in previous years. Then again, wew weren't there as long.

See if you can spot a theme. The Gold Ochsedn is my favourite.


Phil said...

That mineral water can't be very pure if it's 17.5%!

Gunnar H said...

Chum Churum shoju, not very beery, eh?
But good to know you can buy it in Berlin, not available in Sweden :-(

Barm said...

Gold Ochsen have managed to make their labels look more old-fashioned than they used to. Krombacher Dunkel, eh? Times have changed. I quite like Berliner Pilsener. For some reason it is sold by the self-consciously "craft" beer segment in the UK, often (even more bizarrely) alongside Schöfferhofer Grapefruit.

A Brew Rat said...

Good Lord! I have never heard of Chum Churum. What a product!