Thursday, 30 August 2018

Me talking about post-war British beer

The title says it all. Me jabbering on about beer in the UK after WW II.

It was weird watching it back. I kept taking a drink of my beer at exactly the same time as I do in the podcast. Spooky.

The book I'm discussing is my latest. Austerity! Which you can buy here. Dead good, it is. Honest.


Kevin said...

Always great to hear you pontificate on these things Ron!

Ed said...

Just got back from a week's holiday and I'm enjoying your wandering around getting pissed posts. Can't be arsed to comment at multiple posts so please consider these comments in an appropriate place:

Avenge Kronstadt!

Victory to the workers!

As a second generation CAMRA member I think you should have brought your kids up better. Or maybe not, my brother and sister aren't beer drinkers.