Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Just back from my hols in the US

With my two sons. Which made it a rather different experience. But a good one.

We visited Seattle, San Diego, Tijuana, San Francisco and Vancouver. So pretty much the whole of the coast. It not being a beer trip, I only gave one talk. It waw really a holiday. Something I rarely take, nowadays.

I'll be describing it all in annoying detail soon. In the meantine, here are some of the meals we ate.


Korev said...

Can't see any bacony goodness!!

Ed said...

We don't want meals, we want stories of you wandering around getting pissed!

The Beer Nut said...

Round porcelain plates! I thought they were extinct.

Anonymous said...

But did Alexei yell at you for taking all of those pictures of your food?