Wednesday, 20 December 2017

This year's books

I managed to churn out four new books this year. Not bad going, especially as a couple were mostly written from scratch.

10% of what I earn on each sale goes into a special fund for Alexei. I call it the GAPB fund (Gin and Pils). If you want him to have a merry New Year, please invest oin some of my books.

First, a mostly new book (some recipes have appeared on the blog) that deservedlly won an award from the North American Guild of Beer Writers. To say it's the best book on the history of Scottish beer is a bit of an understatement. All the others are fulkl of made-up bollocks. Almsot forgtot, it contains close to 400 historic recipes.

The next book also contains a stack of historic recipes. That's all it is, really: a whole load of recipes. Though it's rather wider in scope, taking in foreign beers sucha as continental Lagers, and US Ales.

Macbeth is the tale of my travels trying to flog Scotland Vol. II. I wasn't particularly successful onb that front, but I did have a good time trolling around such exotic locations as Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis and Macclesfield.

Finally, my annual Christmas book. The one where I give the words a rest and let the pictures do the talking. Photos of old brewing records, covering every deacde from 1804 to 1972. Including the legendary Whitbread Tankard from 1972?

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