Friday 8 December 2017

Christmas gift ideas reminder

In case you've forgotten, I came up with four wonderful new books this year. Please buy one. For every ten copies sold, Alexei gets a half bottle of vodka. Don't make him stay sober for Christmas.

My award-winning Scotland! Vol. II, the first history of Scottish beer that isn't total crap. With so many historic recipes, there's more than one for every day of the year. And all new, except for some of the recipes, not stuff from the blog.

Another book not just from the blog is a new anthology of historic recipes. Think of it as an expansion pack to The Home Brewer's Guide to Beer. Not just the usual UK Ales, but also continental Lagers, and US Ales.

The next one is just recycled blogposts. Follow me on my travels as I desperately try to flog copies of  Scotland Vol. II. Including such exotic locations as Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis and Macclesfield.

Finally, my annual Christmas break from words. Just photos of old brewing records, with ones from every deacde from 1804 to 1972. Haven't you always wanted to know how Whitbread Tankardwas brewed in 1972?

1 comment:

Raoul Duke said...

"Just photos of old brewing records" - how cool ist that :-)
My copy arrived yesterday - the perfect gift for (myself) a number loving beer geek..!!! Cheers