Saturday 26 August 2017

Something else you shouldn't forget

is my newish Scottish book. Full of stuff. Information stuff, tables, lots off those, and, of course, a totally ridiculous number of recipes: 350-odd.

It's easily the most accurate history of Scottish beer ever written. Not that hard, as all the others are total bollocks.

Buy my new Scottish book. It's dead good.


Kevin said...

I ordered Scotland! a while back and I've been thumbing through looking for all of those recipes and I realised they sent me the first one, not Vol. II. (I might have bought it on rather than Lulu) Bummer.

How many of them are also in the newer Let's Brew book? I just ordered that one too.

Ron Pattinson said...


I've tried to avoid overlapping too much. The recipes in Let's Brew and Scotland! vol. 2 are pretty much completely different. The latest Scotland book is only available on Lulu.