Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Random Dutch beers (part forty)

It's just after noon on Sunday, the joint is in the oven, and it's been pissing it down since I got up.

I'm glad the weather was better yesterday. We were at Butcher's Tears for their third anniversary. It was totally mobbed so most people had to stand outside. At least the queues meant I couldn't drink too quickly.

Dolores was happy as they had Green Cap on tap. She's rather partial to it but isn't as keen on the bottled version. We'll be back there this afternoon. Assuming it stops pissing it down.

Time for a beer while the meat roasts.

Maximus Tenhop White, 4.8% ABV
"Obnoxious hopped wheat beer" Surely that should obnoxiously? I'm trying not to let it put me off. Smells like rum punch. Just without the overproof. Which is the best bit, really. In the mouth, it tastes like an IPA. I can't really pick out any wheat element underneath the hops. Just another beer with modern hops.

I'm roasting a lump of pork we bought in Berlin. The crackling is coming on a treat. I'm drooling onto the keyboard just thinking about it.

The sun has just come out. Yippee! We won't be getting soaked later.

. . . .

A week has passed. It's a rather unsettled Sunday.Rain, bit of sun. The chicken is in the oven. Time to crack a beer. From one of the favourites of the new Dutch beer scene, Oersep.

Oersoep Hopfather 5% ABV (€2.65 for 33cl from Tom Overmars)
Billed as a hoppy blond. Right colour, for sure. And smells it - another grapefruit job. with an undercurrent of toilet cleaner. Must have one of those trendy modern hops in it. Mosaic, the label says. It's quite tasty, not too heavy and seems well brewed. Nothing I can really fault it on. I'll leave finding fault to Dolores.

"Dolores, do you want to try my beer?"

""It's OK-ish. A bit flat, actually."

"That's my fault, I knocked most of the CO2 out of it."



Lee said...

What is the green cap then Ron?

Ron Pattinson said...


Green Cap is a Pale Ale brewed by Butcher's Tears.