Monday, 29 August 2016

Kimchi Festival 2016

One of my favourite non-beer festival beer festivals recently. The Kimchi Festival. Which has cleverly transformed itself from a food festival with some beer to a beer festival with some food. Seemingly without the outside world noticing.

Man looking at the the Silo, the world's craziest ever club

Which is OK by me, because it keeps the international riff-raff out. You know who I mean. The people who turn up at every geek fest. Not that this isn't a geek fest in a way. just not an international one.

And there are plenty of seats. Something old people like me appreciate. I don't want to spend all day standing up drinking form a plasctic cup. Which brings me to the second cool feature this year: a proper glass glass and only 2 euros for 15 cl. Often closer to 20 cl. That's cheaper than most pubs.

Lovely location on the IJ in a trendy outdoor café. And cheap food. Because we brought our own. I really am gradually transforming into the mean pensioner I'll finish my days as.

Quite a lot of words for what was meant to be a photo essay. So I'm shutting up. And saving my words for next time. They're starting to run low. I can already see the bottom of my word bucket.


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