Saturday, 27 August 2016

Brewery Yard

Monday 12th September at the Fulton Street Taproom in Chicago you'll be able to hear me talk about - and hopefully get to drink - a very special collaboration beer I've made with Goose Island: Stock Pale Ale. Made the old-fashioned way.

An authentic 1870's Burton Pale Ale recipe, matured in neutral oak for eleven momths. With, here's the twist, Brettanomyces clauesenii. Just like a real Victorian Pale Ale would have been.

The result is beer unlike anything else available today, Goose Island Brewery Yard.

Come to the launch. It's going to be loads of fun.


Ed said...'ve translated a bit of Custer's thesis

Lee said...

Sounds bloody good.
Somebody have an extra pint fr me!

Kevin said...

Did you work with Tim Faith at Goose Island on this beer Ron?

Ron Pattinson said...


met Tim earlier in the summer. But it was me and Mike Siegel who hammered out the concept and recipe, then he brewed it. It took getting on for three years in total.

Kevin said...

Very nice Ron! I work for New Holland Brewing in Holland, MI (about 2.5 hours east of Chicago by car) and used to work with Tim Faith (he was in charge of our barrel program at the time). If you ever want to try something else with an American brewery, let me know.

I read your blog religiously, and love your work and the possibility for connections!


Anonymous said...

This sounds tremendous. Do you know how much they're brewing and how widely it will be distributed? I'd love to buy some - I hope it's not just available for a short time and only near Chicago. I would bet a lot of people would be willing to pay a premium for it as a special Christmastime beer.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Ron, congratulations on doing that but also for the perseverance of sticking with the budding relationship for three years.