Sunday 13 April 2014

Some money would be nice

Brewers, feel free to use the recipes I provide. But an occasional financial contribution would be appreciated.

I might get bored of giving them away.


Alan said...

I bought a 1955 Double Brown in Albany NY today. I hope you saw something from that.

Anonymous said...

Are breweries using your recipes?

Ron Pattinson said...


Pretty Things do pay me.

Ron Pattinson said...


loads of breweries have used my recipes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ron,

I'm the brewer who posted about a test batch of the Tetley's A yesterday. I fear I may have set this whole thing off. Hope you don't think I'm making profit off your recipes. The batch I did was on a homebrew scale and I bought the book.
If I was to use use one of your recipes on a commercial scale I would of course contact you first.

Golden Owl Brerwery

Bailey said...

Niche beer writing is probably not sufficiently in demand for anyone to make a living at, IMO.

Work like yours which, ahem, 'adds to the sum of human knowledge', ought to be part-funded through grants administered through academic institutions, or from benefactor funds held by, say, the Brewery History Society, the British Guild of Beer Writers, SIBA, CAMRA or some such body with a more than commercial interest in preserving and promoting beer culture.

Alan said...

Thanks for confirming, Ron. Dann and Martha's excellent brew shall be all the sweeter... or, I suppose, bitter if that was their intention.

Anonymous said...

Do brewers even get paid these days? Not much around here. I have a few of your books here. I hope you got something for them but at least you got to taste an 1875 Arctic Ale, right?

Unknown said...

I haven't brewed any of the recipes commercially yet. I will soon if lucky. I'm drinking one of them every night (thinking about day as well) What price for beer Valhalla?
Please let me know your preferred form of payment. We met at Yards, I didn't interrupt but I am the pesky colonial. Trip to America donation or other?


Ron Pattinson said...


a royalty or consultancy fee would be nice.