Tuesday 29 April 2014

Hoare bottled Stout 1828 - 1934

And here they are, the bottled Stouts of Hoare and Co. What a confusing bunch they are.

Why confusing? Because the gravities are all over the shop.  I think what we a re looking at is more than one brand.

Before 1931 none of the beers is a version of their draught Stout because the OG's are all too low. After 1931, the ones hovering around 1040 could well be as, if you remember from the last part, that was about the OG of draught Stout.

Judging by its (low) gravity, Oatmeal Stout was definitely a different beer from the others. Not just the standard Stout with a token amount of oats in it packaged up differently. That was the case at both Whitbread and Barclay Perkins.

There's one feature all of these beers share: a relatively low degree of attenuation. In the case of the last Oatmeal Stout, very low. How ironic that Family Stout is the only one over 4% ABV.

Hoare bottled Stout 1828 - 1934
Year Beer Price size Acidity FG OG ABV App. Atten-uation
1928 Stout 8d pint 1047.3
1929 Stout 7d pint 1012.4 1038 3.31 67.37%
1930 Toby Stout 8d pint 1013.6 1042 3.67 67.62%
1931 Oatmeal Stout pint 1036
1931 Toby Stout pint 1016 1044.4 3.67 63.96%
1931 Stout 9d pint 1041.6
1931 Stout 9d pint 1036.4
1932 Stout 9d pint 0.06 1013.4 1039 3.31 65.64%
1932 Stout 8d pint 1033.8
1932 Stout 9d pint 1039.3
1933 Family Stout pint 0.06 1014.9 1047.7 4.25 68.76%
1933 Oatmeal Stout 9d pint 0.05 1015 1032 2.19 53.13%
1933 Stout 8d pint 1035.2
1933 Stout 9d pint 1041.9
1934 Stout 8d pint 1044.6
Whitbread Gravity book held at the London Metropolitan Archives, document number LMA/4453/D/02/001
Truman Gravity Book held at the London Metropolitan Archives, document number B/THB/C/252

Next time we'll be looking at Hoare's Pale Ales.

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