Thursday 3 April 2014

Book tour day twelve - farewell to Boston

It's my final day in the US. My schedule is completely empty. What to do? I think you can guess.

I'm done with Boston taxis. I decide to take the T everywhere today. I start by walking to the tram stop closest to my hotel. Luckily my monster bag is lighter than when I arrived in the US. With all the presents I brought distributed, it's just full of dirty clothes and af ew bottles of beer.

Cambridge is where I'm headed. To another of my favourite pubs, Meadhall. It's in the bit of Cambridge dominated by MIT and related industries. Plenty of people here with a few bob in their pockets.

I nip into the Coop before Meadhall. To buy some last-minute presents for the kids. I get Lexie an MIT T-shirt and Andrew a book about WW I. I know he'll like that and he needs a new book now he's finished the one about the Zulu War.

Why do I like Meadhall? It's not just the beer selection, though that's pretty good. No TV's is what really makes it for me. Plus the food is tasty. And it's pleasant, airy space.

I continue my IPA theme. I start off with a Flower Power, then move on to All Day IPA. Let's see if I can do that name justice. I've several hours before my flight. Don't want to get legless.

I've mentioned on Twitter that I'll be spending the afternoon in Meadhall.

"Are you Ron Pattinson?"


My god. Someone has come looking for me. His name is Aleszu. He has some questions for me which I'm happy to answer. I always am. Very obliging chap, I am.

I realise this is the first proper drinking session all trip. I slurp dowm multiple beers over a few hours and feel that warm fuzziness creeping up on me. I finish off the All Day IPA and have to move onto something a bit stronger. It's a pity they have no Dark Mild.

Taking the T to the airport is much less trouble than I anticipated. That's the last time I'll be taking a taxi to/from Boston airport.

My flight is overnight and as much of a pain as it always is. I get about 3 minutes sleep before I give up and go back to watching a film. I can't wait to get home.

The Home Brewer's Guide to Vintage Beer

4 Cambridge Center,
Cambridge, MA 02142.
Tel: +1 617-714-4372


Michael C. Upton said...

Where to next?

Mark said...

Thanks, Ron. The intelligence is much appreciated. Cheers, Mark & Sarah x

Ron Pattinson said...


Paris, but that's for work.

San Diego in May, which should be fun.

Ron Pattinson said...


Boston has some great places to drink.