Friday, 10 May 2013

Going South?

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu. Heading South to the Lager heartland of Bavaria this summer? I am. I recommend any of you that can manage it physically and financially to do the same.

What memories! Hours whittled away under trees, beside rivers, at the feet of mountains, on hilltops, in castles and communal breweries.

But how to ensure the experience? You need a guide. A pub guidey thing, assembled by a dedicated pisshead with a personal passion for bumbling about Bavaria, bemused and befuddled.

Amazingly, such a guide exists. Written by one of Europe's most intemperate boozehounds. A man who's tripped on the pavement and ripped his trousers outside the best of Bavaria's Bierhallen.

"Trips! (South)" is your faithful, slightly over-enthusiatically boozing buddy. As if I'm standing next to you, saying "It's your round, I'm off to the bog. Get me a Schnapps as well. And make it a double."

Buy "Trips! (South)"! In one of it's many formats:





Paul Bailey said...

Ron, received my copy in the post today - how's that for coincidence!

Have only quickly flipped through it, so far, but noticed it lists many of the pubs and beer-halls we have visited on previous trips to Bamberg, Munich and Regensburg. Will be taking the book with us when we visit Forchheim, in July, for Annafest.

The brewery section, at the rear, seems packed with useful information as well, so at first glance congratulations on an excellent publication, which I'm certain will see us in good stead on our forthcoming trip (and future ones!).

ps. Was impressed with Lulu's service and the appearance of the book iself.

Anonymous said...

Going to Prague this year... you have anything on Bohemia?

Ron Pattinson said...


no, the Czech Republic is covered in Trips! (East), but that book really needs updating.

Baltimore Bistros Beer said...

I wish I had this book last September when I was over there. Oh well, next time I'll be prepared