Thursday, 10 May 2012

The forgotten book - 1909 Beer Style Guide

This book has got a little lost in the mix. Time to push it again because . . . well, that's the joy of having your own blog. You can tart your kack any time you please.

Not just my kack. Kristen's, too. The definitive guide to British beer styles in 1909. Look someone else wants to write one, we can fight it out. OK? Until then, the fact that this is the only guide to British beer in 1909 is irrelevant.

It's. . . . how can I describe it  . . . a. . . . guide to British beer styles in 1909. Full of those technically, tabley, recipe, type things. If you're part of the target audience, I need say no more. Not? It'll be Finnish to you. Wouldn't bother, mate.

The most time-specific style guide ever written. Or the only one that's honest about it. One of those.

Tonight's last Abt bottle beckons. I swear that monk really does wave at me. After the first five or six. That beer has a magical quality. Some strange ingredient that makes the world look different. Twists perceptions, stiffens resolve, lowers resistance. What could it be?

Buy this book! For some reason or another.


Ed said...

It's not just the style guides though is it? It's also go recipes, one of which I've brewed commercially, and funnily enough someone was just asking when we'd brew it again today.

Bill said...

Not forgotten, I consider this one your greatest work.

Ron Pattinson said...

Ed, yes, this is the version with recipes by Kristen.

I have wondered about a 1959 version. Or maybe 1859.

Kristen England said...

We have so many different recipes I've done now its just figuring out what we want to do next. Things are in the works though.