Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Games for May

May. You're going to get tired of me aliterating Mild with that month over the next, er, month.

Don't call me non-industrious. Leaving the kids shouting and scratching, I've hastily cobbled together a digital edition of "Mild! plus" while it's still March.

The first ever digital version of "Mild! plus". (I think. Keeping track of this stuff isn't my strong point.)

That's the joy of mulitple confusing versions of books. Always something new to push. Like that bloke in that thing where he makes that blue stuff and gets dragged off to Mexico no I think it was that other one the young one with the crappy beard his whatsit brother no not his brother sister no brother of his wife that sort of brother underground lab chemically protection gear fried chicken laundry women bell bomb straighten tie back of head gone. Breaking Bad. That's it.

Mead. Starts and ends with the same letters as Mild. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Buy digital "Mild! plus" quite soon! It'll pay for the tablets.

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dana said...

I want to have a hard copy. Someday, I tell myself. But then I also tell myself that for the $10 download I can buy the ingredients for a 5gal batch of mild. And the $ for a hardcopy....


I made some mild, by the way. And it's mild month!

I brewed a double batch of Lee's 1952 mild from a Let's Brew from 2010 and fermented it with two different yeasts as a lark.