Monday, 21 May 2012

Beer production 1900 - 1927

Bailey (of Boak and Bailey) has helpfully transformed one of my dull accumulations of numbers into a prettty chart. It's much easier to see the trends in this pictorial form.

I've just noticed that the English line looks rather like the side view of a trench. How appropriate, given the trough represents the war years.

One note. They didn't stop brewing in Ireland in 1922. That's just the year the southern counties became independent.


Bailey said...

Glad it was useful. (Joint effort, though -- Boak, being an accountant, is the Excel whizz in our house...)

Oblivious said...

Nice work lads :)

Oblivious said...

iamenIs Ireland drop off in production from 1922 on wards due to the formation of the republic and loss of records?

Ron Pattinson said...


Irish independence is the cause. I do say that in the last sentence of the post.

If you look at the original numbers, you'll see that it doesn't drop to zero. Not quite. In 1923 it was 16,000 barrels.

Oblivious said...

Ah sorry Ron my fault for speed reading !