Monday, 20 February 2012

Tuesday or Wednesday

Just one week until me and the family will be in Manchester. Hopefully a sunny and snow-free Manchester.

I'd like to meet up with a few locals for a pint or two, but there's one big question: Tuesday or Wednesday evening? Kick off will be about 19:00. Let me know which you would prefer.

I wasn't quite correct when I said there was one big question. There's another: where? I'm leaning towards Peveril of the Peak, only because it's close to where we're staying. But I'm open to other suggestions.


Matt said...

I can make either night Ron. I think you'd prefer the Northern Quarter pubs but it's not that far on the tram if you want to start at the Peveril.

Tandleman said...

Can't do Wednesday, but Tuesday looking possible. I'll wait and see who else chips in.

StuartP said...

If the Tuesday is 'Buy Ron a Beer Night' then I should be in Manchester and could indeed buy Ron a pint. Pev's should be OK.