Monday, 13 February 2012

Manchester here I come!

It's krokusvakantie* time. And that means cheap trip to industrial British city. Sorry, a chance to show the kids some more of the wonderful nation of my birth.

As the flights to Manchester were cheapest, we'll be in there 27th February to 1st March.

I know there are a few of a Northwestern persuasion who read this blog. This is where I saw off the tops of your skulls and spoon out the contents. (That is what picking someone's brain means, isn't it? That's the image that always pops into my mind.)

Being too lazy to do any research of my own, I'm going to throw out a few questions. Like frisbees, floating and curving majestically. Here goes:

  • Which pubs would you recommend?. Preferably ones with wifi and a tolerant attitude to kids.
  • Which curry houses would you recommend? Preferably fairly central.
  • Any local beers to particularly look out for?
  • Who fancies a pint? I'm sure I can escape the rest for a few fleeting flashes of fun.

Any other suggestions welcomed.

* crocus holiday.


Cooking Lager said...

Why drink anywhere but the Spoons?

have a good 'un.

beersiveknown said...

Hi Ron

I've just got back from a stay in Manchester a few weeks back. I've done a few blog posts if you wanna have a looksee.

I think the soup kitchen would make a good family lunchtime pub. It has WIFI too.

I think the wetherspoon (called wetherspoons) just off great portland street would be kid friendly too

As for must see pubs I'd say the font bar by oxford street station, port street beer house and marble arch.

I'd drop a line to Tandelman as he lives in Manc and can probably give better curryhouse suggestions than me, though I think the majority of them are a few miles out of the centre. Chinatown is right in the centre though

beersiveknown said...

Breweries to watch for:
Shaws (Quantum)
Red Willow
Summer Wine
Magic Rock

Gary Gillman said...

The City Pub is a personal favourite, Ron: here is a photo (with some other recommendations):


Ed said...

You don't want to go to Manchester, they talk funny and it always rains.

Matt said...

Ed, as the late Tony Wilson put it:

"In the North West it rains and it rains. And yet we managed to produce the industrial revolution, the trade union movement, the Communist Manifesto and even the computer. Down south, where the sun never sets, you took all our money and what did you produce? Chas and Dave."

richc said...

The Marble Arch (for Marble brewery) or their small bar in the northern quarter (57 Thomas Street). The Crescent in Salford (over the river from Manchester itself) is also good.
For more unusual beers I'd suggest the Port Street Beer House which is pretty much right in the town center.

For curry EastZEast is good as is pretty much anything in Rusholme (a suburb a mile or so south of the center).

granata said...

Marble Arch, Angel, Hare & Hounds, Smithfield, Fringe, Crown & Kettle, Port Street Beer House, Jolly Angler, Mother Macs. 8 fine boozers all within a few hundred yards of each other just north of Piccadilly.

South side of town, but still not far away: Britons Protection, Peveril of the Peak, Lass O'Gowrie, Font, City Arms, Bank, Deansgate, Knott Bar, Gaslamp, Oast House. The latter (Manchester's latest addition to) would be ideal for kids during the day.

Nearer Victoria: Wellington, Sinclairs, Dutton Arms, Derby Brewery (Holts brewery tap should you wish to pay this fine institution a call).

Across the river into Salford: The Crescent, New Oxford, Kings Arms, Black Lion.

Oblivious said...

oh great :), i will be in Manchester around those date too! (working!!)


Ed said...

Matt, it's not a North West thing, I was actually quoting my Liverpudlian uncle there.

Anonymous said...

If you enjoy bitterness that strips the enamel from your teeth definitely try marble.

Gary Gillman said...

For non-beer matters: I like the Harry Ramsden's in Salford, take the kids.

And the museum of industrial history in Manchester is superb.


Matt said...

Ed, a Liverpudlian thinks people in Manchester "talk funny"? That made me laugh!

Oblivious said...

Anonymous, there not that bitter, but lovely and a great pub to look at too

Martyn Cornell said...

Matt – London's contribution to beer history: porter, stout, IPA, brown ale.

Manchester's contribution to beer history : errr …

Matt said...

Holt's, Martyn, Holt's! :-)

Gary Gillman said...

What can be said is that Manchester beer was different from the beer of every other city and town in England, and appreciated "intra-murally" for same. Indeed, it was singled out in this regard by Tizard:

It had, in other words, a unique quality despite being available in different styles and strengths, perhaps from yeast, or some aspect of temperature in brewing, or hop type, all as Tizard explained.

It is this kind of statement that makes one realize how much beer has changed today. Tizard probably would consider all APAs no matter where made as being in one flavour-group, for example.

I'd like to think he approved of the Manchester taste by having picked out the city's beers, but since his concluding comments gently advise all brewers to try to improve their beers slowly (so as not to shock the local taste), the contrary conclusion can also be drawn.