Friday, 10 February 2012

Scottish questions

It's time to take a little time out, stand back and admire the remarkable edifice that is my Scotland series. And ask myself a few questions. Mostly why, but also a little where to and until when.

Let's start with some why. Simple: I wasn't satisfied the accounts of Scottish beer history that had been published. As no-one else looked about to tackle it, I was left with only one alternative: do it myself. I can't claim to fully understand the story yet. But I've glimpsed pieces. You should have, too. If you've been following closely.

This is both a how and a why. Getting access to the British Newspaper archive has provided more material than I can handle, to be honest. Then there's that pile of Brewers' Journals I recently acquired. More stuff in them. The series has continued because I keep finding new material that I at least find interesting. (I understand my interest threshold lies in a different place to yours.) If it runs out, I'll stop. Not the greatest of reasons.

Where to's turn now. Where will this end? Actually, I think I just answered that question. Not in a very satisfactory way, admittedly. When I think you've learned enough. Sorry, that's the wrong answer. That comes next. Where? With a better understanding of Scottish beer. At knowledge corner about to turn down wisdom street.

When. When will I for the love of humanity stop?  When I think you've learned enough. (Yep, that's the right place.)

I'm basically selfish. Whatever I might pretend to the kids. Why? Because it interests me, that's why I'm digging exploratory trenches across the barrow of Scottish brewing. Why do I continue? Nothing else has attracted my attention.


Mark Andersen said...

I'm loving it. I'm tempted to brew that "Bohemian Scotch Ale" you just posted about this weekend. I've got Saaz hops sitting around just begging to be used or abused like that.

Martyn Cornell said...

"I'm digging exploratory trenches across the barrow of Scottish brewing."

Ron Pattinson, the Phil Harding of brewing. Now I think about it, Ron, apart from the hairstyle, there's a distinct resemblance