Friday, 25 November 2011

Peace revamped

Andrew. He's such a boy. Good. Done that before so I swapped the words around a bit. Humour, eh?

"Peace!" is my problem child. Hanging around the house, not wanting to out out and get a job. I blame you lot. If you'd bought more copies, I wouldn't still have the brat on my hands.

What does it tell us about ourselves that "War!" has outsold "Peace!"  two to one?

I can't understand its unpopularity. Unless you're a war-mongering troop of mercenaries bent on death, destruction and random acts of cruelty. (I hope not.)

"Peace!" is unlike my other books. In that it's a properly-structured book rather than a jumble of recycled blog posts and tables. With proper chapters and stuff. It's worth getting just for its unlike-the-other-stuffness. Except for one section.

Yes, I've tacked on thirty-odd pages of my Bolton pubs posts. An incongruous and totally out of tone addition but I've done it now and it's too much trouble to undo. Friday night and tea beckons. [I wave back.]

Andrew, above of good the boy, has, after encouragement with a low-voltage electric device, been creating new cover art for my books. Considering how much his hands were shaking from the shocks, I think he done a pretty good job.

And do you know how you could thank him? This poor shivering (the doctors have told me it will stop after a few weeks, if we give him whisky, preferably Islay) boy deserves thanks, or at least financial reward, for his involuntary efforts.

Buy "Peace!".


Martyn Cornell said...

Definitely has artistic talent, that boy. Give him the whisky, Ron.

Matt said...

I already have a copy of Peace but I'm intrigued by the picture on the new front cover.

Matt said...

Here it is. I thought it was this.

The railway carriage in the forest of Compiègne where the armistice was signed in 1918 was also where the French surrendered to the Germans in 1940.