Friday, 22 April 2011

USA here I come (again, again, again)

I'll be in the USA again soon, family in tow. 1st May we fly out to Washington. Then I'll be wallowing in beery goodness for a week.

Tuesday 3rd May I'll be in New York for the launch of Pretty Things East India Porter. According the to Dann, it's the best beer yet in the series. Can't wait to get my lips wrapped around a pint of it. If you fancy being subjected to an hour-long monologue on 19th-century mashing techniques, come along. I'll talk to anyone who'll listen

Thursday 5th May I'll be at Devil's Backbone doing my pretend brewing thing. Throwing hops in. I'm dead good at that.

My brother's coming over to look after the books. I've instructed him to talk them for at least 15 minutes each day. Tell them what good books they are and how much daddy loves them. I hope he doesn't hold one of his wild accountancy parties and spill cash on them.

Spare money? In Washington or New York during the first week in May? Buy me beer.


Velky Al said...

Looking forward to meeting you Ron!

Will you be bringing some Pretty Things stuff down with you to VA?

I am looking forward to you trying my Export India Porter!

Tim said...

Ah, shame you aren't coming to the Pretty Things Porter Launch in Boston. I could use a good chat on old mashing techniques. And if that porter is as good as Dann says I'll be sure to drink the piss out of it.

dana said...

I'm hopeful for some good blog posts from the visit. Consider yourself asked.

The Professor said...

I'd love to be there for the NYC launch on 3 May...but the link to the info appears to be dead. Where will the NY event be held?

Ron Pattinson said...


Thomas Barnes said...

@Ron. Could you please be a bit less terse about time and location for the NYC launch?

doug said...

I'm planning on coming to the NYC event. Hope I get a chance to meet you.

paquette said...

Here's more info for those of you on facebook:


New York: