Tuesday, 5 April 2011

April's theme

April looks like being a real treat. For those of you interested in Stock Ales and bugs. I've been tunnelling into the virtual paper hill like crazy the past few days. And the real paper mountain I call my book collection.

You'll be chomping down my mouldy bread all month. The highlights include:

  • more about bottling naturally-conditioned beers
  • brettanomyces fun
  • acidity in 19th century Porter
  • October Beer
  • Guinness

Some of the posts are even written.

All I need now is a snappy name for the series. Old Stuff? Acid trip? Mother-in-law? Bugs and vats?Ageing April? Yeah, that'll do. Ageing April it is.

I need to go and lie down now. The excitement's too much.


Ed said...

Don't lie down, get posting!

Anonymous said...

Acidity in a 19th century porter... Could not interest me more! :) I'm vatting Porter this week. A hogshead full of beery goodness! (By the way following the recipe from 1840, with the ton of hops, give a wort tasting pretty much like very strong cup of black tea). If you want, I can give feedback of the evolution of the beer. It's gonna be about one year to one and a half old when I'll bottle some straight and blend the rest.
Following this blog is very useful for a brewer passionate about history of brewing methods. Thanks again Ron for the great work!