Monday, 27 December 2010

Drinkalongathon disappointment

You may be wondering about the sudden end of my Drinkalongathon post. There's an explanation. You decide if it's s good one.

My stinking cold took control around lunchtime, leaving me flat out on the settee, sniffling and feeling rather sorry for myself. Just as well I was feeling sorry for myself. I got no sympathy from the heartless beasts who share this house with me.

My sincerest apologies for the untimely demise of the Drinkalongathon. I'll try to do better next year.


Ed said...

Disaster! You should have powered though!

Craig said...

No worries, Ron.

Last year I had a sinus infection on Christmas and this year I came down with the flu on Thanksgiving.

Ryan said...

My liver thanks your weak immune system for the reprieve