Thursday, 30 December 2010

17% of you are idiots

The results of my end-of-year poll are in. And the surprising news is, 17% of you are idiots. Another 17% are twats.

Here are the full results to the question 'Should German top-fermenting beers be called "Ales"?'

No, it's confusing and insulting    50%
Yes, I'm a brainwashed idiot     17%
Perhaps. I'm an indecisive twat    17%
What's top-fermenting?    15%

Being positive, half of you aren't either idiots, twats or just generally ignorant. A victory for common sense, I'd call it.


Mike said...

Make that 18% idiots. Although Horst Dornbusch probably doesn't read this blog, he certainly qualifies as a "brainwashed idiot." As a German himself, you'd think he'd know better, but, no, he writes "One of only a handful of traditional German ales, Altbier ..." (

Unknown said...

I simply couldn't vote.

As a brainwashed twat who knows what top fermenting is, I was only left with the first option which I strongly disagreed with.


Mark Andersen said...

Dornbusch's book on Altbier is priceless. I think the word ale is used 15 times per page on average. I love this one:

"In Schumacher's innovations lies the roots of the modern altbier style: a robust, coppery, slow fermented, lagered ale."

A lagered ale!! Hahahahahahaha!!!

aperfectpint said...

You needed a "this whole hair-splitting argument is silly" option.