Monday, 27 December 2010

Barclay perkins 1933 KKKK update

I must apologise. I forgot to include some information about Barclay Perkins KKKK. Martyn will like this.

The information comes from a wonderful little scrapbook of circular letter. Mostly covering WW II. They are copies of the letter and leaflets sent out to publicans. And price lists. Sure enough KKKK is on them. I'm surprised they still brewed it during the war.

Here's one of the price lists.

KKKK wasn't a cheap beer. Double the price of Bitter . But see what it was called. Old Burton. Just like the Fullers OBE.

But what about their bottled beers? OK, let's see those, too:

While we're on the topic of K's, No. 1 Southwarke Ale had the brew-house designation KKK (bottling). It was also called Old Ale. So here are those K's all nicely in a row

KK: Burton
KKK: Old Ale
KKKK: Old Burton

Isn't that nice and simple?

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