Monday, 28 December 2009

Poll resuts - what a shock!

Time for me to remove those closed polls and get my web shops back to the top of all of the junk at the left of the screen. That was a natty opening sentence. Christmas cheer clearly hasn't affected my prose style.

Right, on with the results.

Question 1

One of the biggest surprises. That Hagenbach didn't get two votes. Wjhat were you thinking, Mike? Disappointingly few piss-ups in Australia and Wales.

Question 2

A load of pissheads. That's what you are. Don't you know anything about safe drinking?

Question 3

Shocked. That's what I am. I hope I never sit to you on a bus after one of your "accidents".

Question 4

I've had invalid beer. Invalid Stout, to be precise. Sadly it didn't make me gag, so I couldn't vote for it. Crap beer definitely seems unpopular with you lot. Now there's a surprise.

All that nonsense is finished for another year and I can return this blog to its true purpose: selling my crap products.


Mike said...

Well, if you'd called it by its "proper" name (Pretzfeld), I would have voted as often as possible.

Anonymous said...

The stuff on the left means I can't actually read loads of the top post.