Thursday, 3 December 2009

London, London, London

It's all here in London. (except meat pies, they can be a bugger to find) Archives, brewery visits, archives, beer dinner, archives. And a full English breakfast. The perfect place, you could say. If only they had decent beer.

Not finished yet. Archives, Gunmakers, sleep. Full English breakfast. Achives. Gunmakers, plane home.

London's not so bad, Unless you're one of the shit-munchers, sardelina in the train, pressac in the tube. Ever seen the film "The Crowd"? I've lived that opening sequence. Never again, Never again.

I did find out how Truman No.1 Barley Wine was brewed. Assembled, really in the age-old manner of ageing and blending. And hogsheads. You have to throw hogsheads in. Without hogsheads, there's no beer.

Hack's dinner = confusion In my mind)


Anonymous said...

You've been speaking to Derek Prentice, haven't you?

Ron Pattinson said...

How could you guess?