Wednesday, 4 March 2009


I've never had as many friends. If Facebook is to be believed. OK, so I don't know who many of them are. They still count as friends, don't they?

Michelle DeWitt and Brianne Day. They look like people I'd like to know. I'm not going to complain about extra young female friends. I've always been short on those. But it would be sort of nice to have some idea of who they are and how come we've ended up as friends on Facebook.

Maybe they've a family connection with Barclay Perkins.

It's a good likeness, don't you think, the image to the right? Except for the hat. I don't wear hats.

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Stonch said...

I must say, the number of random friend requests from beer related people on Facey is staggering. Also it keeps telling me that "people I may know" include those brothers who run and the head brewer at Brooklyn.

Facebook is for flirting with friends of friends, not wanking on about beer.