Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Bottle-conditioned beach

I'm shocked by the lack of commitment over at Boak and Bailey to decent beer. Shocked, disgusted and a little bit sad.

I hesitate to repeat it here, but this is what they wrote:
"After all, it’s just not practical to sling a few bottle-conditioned ales in a bag and take them to the beach. For one thing, they’ll get shook up. For another, you can’t drink them from the bottle. And — the final nail in the coffin — they just don’t look cool."
Can't take bottle-conditioned beer to the beach? I beg to differ on that one.

It's easy-peasy. You just need to decant your St Bernardus into a plastic bottle. Then you're ready to go. No yeast to get disturbed. And some fizz is removed in the process. Brilliant! Everyone else will be swilling swill from a plastic container. You'll fit right in.

It works equally well for the playground, too. You don't want the other parents to spot what a pisshead you are. So use a Diet Coke bottle. St Bernardus Abt has many great features. One is being exactly the same colour as Coke.

Looking cool? As Stonch has remarked, that's the last thing I'm worried about.


Anonymous said...

A pearl of wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Of all the boneheaded statements we've made in the 2.5 million posts we've written to date (all figures approximate) this is the one that's prompted a formal communique from your book lined study? As Chuck Berry says, you never can tell.

I am decanting some Orval into a plastic beaker right now, to drink with my cheese and pickle sandwich in my work canteen tomorrow.

Ron Pattinson said...

Book-lined study? I wish. Corner of the living room piled high with books.

I'd have gone with St. Bernardus Pater with lunch rather than Orval.

Stonch said...

Orval is nice. I'd forgotten about Orval. I have a whole crate of Orval in the cellar. I might drink some.