Friday, 6 March 2009

Imperial Mild

Imperials. Truman. That's what this week is about. Truman and Imperial. (And being sick as a dog at home with only series 3 and 4 of "Goodnight Sweetheart" to keep me company.) Hey. let's put them together! Truman and Imperial. Isn't that brilliant?

Hold on. I have to think about this. Truman - pretty wild, cool, groovy, baby. Imperial - just out of sight, crazy, apeshit. Can you take both at once? I don't want to uberausgegrub you. (Sorry about the incomprehensibility. Medicine's fault. Got me halfgedeutsching.)

I've been stalling. I'd forgotten that I'd already done the recipe. My isn't mind what was it.

With an OG of 1113, do you think Truman's XXXX was a Quadrupel or an Imperial?

Answers on a postcard to"

Beer Classification Institute,
Megalith House,
3rd potato field on the right,
Tristan da Cunha,


Anonymous said...

I think it might taste like a Bush/Scaldis but yet hoppier, or maybe like some American barley wines (Sierra Nevada's maybe).

How on earth did you learn German and other difficult foreign languages, Ron, not to mention their scientific and brewing vocabularies!?



Oblivious said...

whats a postcard? some from of email!

Anonymous said...

I've been uberausgegrubed! That medicine is sounding pretty good-- time to share!

Ron Pattinson said...

Commuting. That's where Iearned languages.

The medicine I'm taking isn't available here. Hardcore decongestants smuggled in from the UK