Thursday, 12 October 2017


Mühlhausen was an amazing place in the 1980's. A town that seemed almost untouched by the last 300 years.

It had a near-complete city wall and a near-complete old centre. Dolores's sister used to live in an amazing ancient house, with a weird galleried inner courtyard. Amazing, I guess, if you didn't have to live there as it was slowly crumbling into dust.

It also had three breweries, which, given its population of just 50,000, was also pretty amazing. My brother-in-law knew someone who worked in Turmquell and got me inside the brewery. Not exactly the most modern kit they had, but they brewed one outstanding beer, Pilsator. One of the best pale Lagers I've ever drunk. Sadly both it and the three breweries are all long gone.

But we can still gaze in awe at their labels.

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Sebastian said...

Reading this post I considered buying you "DDR!" book. Looking through the Contents you missed Gera. My hometown. Sad!