Saturday 28 October 2017

Guilt button

Brewed one of my recipes commercially? Then why not give a little back to the aother?

Just 100 euros. It literally is the least you could do. You're making money from my work. Work which, for the most part, I get paid sweet FA.

I've added a guilt button on the top left hand corner of the blog. 100 euros isn't much. But it will help a poor , struggling beer writer make more trips, collect more information and write more recipes. So it's your interest, too.

Feel freee to pay more. 100 euros is just the baseline.


Tandleman said...

Don't expect to be swamped says Tandleman cynically.

Anonymous said...

I tried the link and after verifying I am not a robot, It does not allow for an amount. It just complains I haven't input a number.

Ron Pattinson said...


not sure what is going wrong. You should be able to enter an amount and then confirm.