Tuesday, 17 October 2017


I got around a fair bit in the DDR. I went to most of the major cities: Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Erfurt and Halle. And lots of not so big ones, though those were mostly limited to Thuringia.

The one big city I never visited - and have still never been to - was Magdeburg. Not unless you count passing through it on a train. Which is as close as I ever got. The train didn't even stop, as it was travelling from West Germany to West Berlin. No chance of getting off until Bahnhof Zoo.

I never even drank any beer from a brewery there. Which is a shame as I really like some of the labels.


BryanB said...

Diamant has been re-established in the old brewery buildings, in case you weren't aware: http://www.diamantbrauerei.com/ and http://diamant-brauhaus.de/

Ron Pattinson said...


I didm't know that. Good news.

Elektrolurch said...

Whait a minute....Doppelkaramel VOLLBIER?how can that be?