Tuesday 31 October 2017

More pretty DDR labels

I visited Leipzig a few times during the commnist period. I can't say I was that charmed by the city. Though in those days I'd never heard of Gose.

It wasn't a great place for a beer drinker. There were bugger all pubs in the city centre and they weren't particularly nice. The first time I was there with Matt, we struggled to find somewhere decent to drink. Eventually settling on a pub near the Nickolaikirche.

As, usual we had to wait to get a seat, despite half the tables being empty. I don't think I ever visited a DDR pub that didn't have "reserviert" signs on some of the tables. They weren't actually reserved, just tables they couldn't be arsed to serve. While we were waiting for our food I started reasding a book. And was promptly told off by the waitress. Reading at table wasn't allowed, evidently.

My last visit in the communist days was just to change trains. It was in the period when they'd started having regular demonstrations against the regime. There was a very strange atmosphere in the station buffet and one punter randomly stood up started declaiming something I couldn't understand. Not that anyone paid him any attention. And the beer was flat and stale. Not the greatest of experiences.

I really love these minimalist Turmbräu labels.

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