Sunday, 24 September 2017

Poll result

The results are in for my poll on which book to write next. I would say they were surprising, but on reflection, I guess they weren't.

A clear winner - with over 50% of the vote - was the 1859 Beer Style Guide.

Porter! vol. 2 5 (6%)
Range!! 4 (4%)
Mild! vol. 2 3 (3%)
1959 Beer Style Guide 12 (14%)
Victory! 5 (6%)
1859 Beer Style Guide 43 (53%)
Let's Brew vol. 2 9 (11%)

Which is a little awkward. As, when I thought about it, I had some doubts about this book. Because  I wrote the 1909 Beer Style Guide with Kristen and it seems a bit impolite to write a sequel without his involvement. Given that I've only received a handful of recipes from him over the last couple of years, getting him to write a whole set for a new book doesn't look very likely.

Knocking out the two Beer Style Guides, Let's Brew vol. 2 is the winner. Though, with only 111% of the votes, not a very popular one. Which leaves me in a bit of a quandry. What should I do next?

The biggest surprise was Range! getting any votes at all. As I realise that I forgot to explain what it was. And the title isn't particularly explanatory. I'll put that right now. The book would have eight chapters, eacj covering a time period:

1800 - 1830
1830 - 1850
1850 - 1880
1880 - 1914
1914 - 1920
1920 - 1939
1939 - 1947
1947 - 1970

For each period I'd pick a couple of breweries and have recipes for the full range of beers that they brewed. Like, say, all the Barclay Perkins beers from 1852 or all Whitbread's from 1940. Depending on how mad I go, that would add up to 200-300 recipes.

Any interest in a book like that?


Dan Klingman said...


Stuart Carter said...

would love a book like Range!

Kevin said...

After Let's Brew, I don't think more recipes is what I'd jump at to buy. I would however jump at the chance to have style guidelines from an accurate and trusted source as yourself.

mentaldental said...

Works for me.

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