Sunday 10 September 2017


That's the document number of the Barclay Perkins brewing record I'd mislaid my photos of.

It was driving me nuts, because I knew I had them. I'm very careful with my photos of brewing records. I've so many - I think around 15,000 - if I didn't arrange them logically in folders I'd never be able to find anything. I just checked the number of photos. It's over 24,000.

This was the reason I couldn't find the photos:

When I started each new book, I'd first take a photo of the document number so I'd know exactly where the photos were from. You'll note in this case I got it wrong, writing 612 instead of 620. I realised something was wrong when I noticed I'd two sets for 612. As I wasn't sure what the real document number was, I wasn't able to name the folder properly. As this was all several years ago, I'd forgotten about the confusion.

I'm glad I did find it, even though I'd transcribed all the information I needed. because I assumed the No. 2 invert in my transcript was a mistake on my part and that it was really No. 3. That's what they always used in their Mild. But I was wrong. It really did specify No. 2 invert in the record. See if you can spot it:

Someone suggested recently that I should include a picture of the brewing record with my recipes. Not sure if I'll do it. But that's the one for yesterday's recipe.

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Chris said...

Log picture is great, not sure you need to do one with every recipe - but it would be cool to post them occasionally.

Might be a good way to add some easy posts for when you are on one of your trips.