Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Summer is here

I've just grabbed a Guinness Special Export from the fridge and I'm sitting in my undertrolleys*. A sure sign that it's over 30º C.

Here's a label to put you in a summery mood:

Hang on. Dolores is serving garlic prawns. Back in a minute. Or so

. . . . . . .

Back again. Salad for tea, because of the heat. Not that you needed to know that.

Back even further to the whole point of this. Book tarting.

20% off the threee Mega Series books I can manage to update. No images, my arsing level not having improved.

* Dolores reckons the correct spelling is undertrollies.

"You know what undertolleys means Dolores?"

"Yes. Underkecks. And "ies" is always the ending of words like that. It's U N D E R T R O L L I E S. That's what I leaned at school."

It's easy to see why I love her.

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