Saturday 23 July 2016

Another tour

I'm starting to think of next year's schedule. In particular the spring.

I've only visited around half of the states in the US. I really need to cross off a few more. The Midwest seems the obvious place. I've only been to Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois. So plenty of new states ripe for plucking.

So if you're in that part of the world and would like to host a fat, old English (actually, probably Dutch by then) bloke, get in touch. I put on quite a show. No tap-dancing, but plenty of jokes and maybe an occasional song.

Obviously I'll be trying to shift copies of my book.

The Home Brewer's Guide to Vintage Beer


Brando said...

May I suggest a classic way to tour our country's midsection: fly in to Chicago, rent a car and cruise Route 66. You'll hit 8 states, including mine (New Mexico), which I know will draw plenty of interested folks. Also, a certain University nearby happens to house some old books from 2 defunct breweries that didn't survive Prohibition, if you'd be interested...

Chris said...

If you happen to be coming back to Michigan or nearby (NE Indiana or NW Ohio), let me know! I'm just over the border in Michigan. I'm in a homebrew club and know lots of college students that I teach that would love to see you if you aren't too far away. (If you want to talk on a small college campus, that could be arranged too).