Saturday, 18 June 2016

Stock Pale Ale talk

My talk for the Brettanomyces Festival, on Stock Pale Ale is all finished. Words written, slides created. And am told there will be beer. For definite. I do hope so.

Because the second half of the talk won't make much sense if the beer isn't there to taste. And I really, really want to try it. Based on the description of the brewer, Mike Siegel, it has a really long lasting bitterness recorded in 19th-century texts. I think he's really nailed it.

1877 Truman P1K* is the recipe. 11 months in wood, Brettanomyces secondary fermentaion. I'm nearly wetting myself just writing about it. Can't wait until next Saturday. When I'll discuss Stock Pale Ale in general and Goose Island Brewery Yard in detail.

I think a few tickets for my talk are still available, but I wouldn't leave it too long.

Stock Pale Ale: Barrel-aged IPA
Saturday 25th June 12:30
Proeflokaal De Prael, Amsterdam.

* A beer that was later known as Ben Truman. initially a posh bottled beer, later a keg beer.


Stuart Carter said...

is that the pale ale version of the P1 in your historical beers book?

Ron Pattinson said...


The Goose Island beer is the Keeping version, the one in the book just the standard version. So similar, but not identical.