Monday, 20 June 2016

Random Dutch beers (part thirty-three)

Here we are again at the weekend. It's 21:30 on Friday and I've beem writing since I got home.

Apart from my 30 minute walk. Slightly shitting shale about my talk a week on Saturday. Only started the slides this evening. Though I did get the wordy things done earlier this week.

No sulky comments from Andrew this time. He's at his mate's, as always on a Friday. Now I think about it, I rarely see him unless he's short of dosh. Mostly he's as lethargic as a sack of sedated sloths. Dolores bought him two slabs of 24 half litre cans of Amstel recently, which is why I haven't seen much of him. Only 8 cans left. I expect he'll be chattier tomorrow.

I'm puckering off with a beer from a well-respected Dutch brewer. Kees whatshisname (I'm crap with names), who used to work at Emelisse. Where he brewed some pretty liquid beers.

Brouwerij Kees Session IPA, 3.5% ABV
Now there's a thing. It's really session strength (according to the strict UK definition), unlike some US examples. Unlike some, I do like a Session IPA, when the circumstances are appropriate. Like a long afternoon session with a need to stand upright at the end of it. For example, my farewell session in Boston on the appropriately-named All Day IPA. Pours pretty clear, despite being bottle-conditioned. The aroma is spot on, a heady mix of peach, mango and passion fruit. Really dead good. Its not as fruity in the gob, but surprisingly bitter and a bit tobbacoey at the end. The body is decent for the ABV. I don't judge body by a standard of Imperial Stout or Barley Wine, as some seem to. Probably because my standard drinking beer used to be Mild.

"Do you want to try my beer Dolores?"


"Do you want to try my beer Dolores?"

"No." (With a touch of annoyance in her voice.)

She's watching Gardener's World. Not a good idea to disturb her.

I was amazed when someone told me while I was in the UK last weekend that they really liked this series. The tumblewood blowing through the comments had me thinking everyone hated it. I've only continued out of contrariness.

. . . .

It's now Saturday. I've just finished my presentation for the Brettanomyces festival next week. Glad that's out of the way. Time for a beer.

It's another from Dutch brewing superstar Kees. Another IPA, to be precise.

Brouwerij Kees Just Another IPA, 6.5% ABV (2.60 for 33cl. from Ton Overmars)
Smells much like the Session IPA, but is even more intense. Unlike its session sister, the tropical fruit is present in the mouth. But shares a pretty deep bitterness. Quite nice, but I don't think I'd want ten pints of it.

"Can I have thirty euros, Dad?" Andrew asks.

"I see inflation is kicking in. You usually ask for twenty. Do you want to try my beer, Andrew?"


"Not even after the thirty euros I gave you?"

"It's not very good for my health if I drink beer straight after I get up." It's 14:05. That counts as early morning for a teenager like Andrew.

"Do you want to try my beer, Dolores?"

"Not now."


StuartP said...

A classic Kees?

swigging-pig said...

Keep the sketches coming :)

InSearchOfKnowledge said...

You should taste their "London Mild Ale", only just so that I know if it is a good representation of mild ale. I drunk mine about three months after I bought it, stored in my garage. It tasted good, but of course, does it still taste as a mild then?