Sunday, 5 June 2016

Random Dutch beers (part thirty-two)

Time for some more writing about blogging. I know it fascinates everyone.

It's Saturday and I've been tidying up some loose ends. I've been very busy writing posts the last few days. I'm away most of next week, first for work and then for beer. It's a bit crazy. I fly back from Gatwick on Wednesday and then back to Manchester on Friday.

I've got two gigs in the UK. Saturday 11th June I'm talking at the Home Brew Festival in Market Bosworth. Monday 13th June I'll be chatting informally about four historical beer recreations at the Smithfield Market Tavern.

One of this morning's loose ends was the final post about my last US trip. The one that ended a couple of months ago. Just never quite got around to it.

Speaking of loose ends, here are a couple. Months ago on a daytrip to Nijmegen I picked up some bottles of local beer. I've tried some, but these ones got pushed to the back of my beer pile and forgotten.

Boer Koekoek Boren Rood, 6% ABV (€3.20 for 33cl.)
It's more a coppery orange than red. A bit metallic. A slightly strange aniseed note at the back. OK I suppose. Not quite sure what it's supposed to be.

I can't offer it to Andrew. He's in Utrecht doin a univeristy admission test. Dolores will have to do.

"Do you want to try my beer, Dolores?"

"If it isn't a horrible on."

Sips. "Mmmm. It's OK. But there's a slightly funny taste at the end. It makes you wonder why it's there."

Boer Koekoek Zwart Boer, 6% ABV (€3.20 for 33cl.)
This one really is black. Black to the point of being opaque, unless you hold it in front of a bright light. Clearly the blackness comes from a dark grain. The aroma is of roasted coffee.In the mouth it's slightly sweet and a bit thin. A touch of liquorice and again something out of place at the end. OK, but not something I'd buy again.

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