Sunday, 24 April 2016

Random Dutch (beers part twenty-six)

The weekend is going well. Got loads of writing done yesterday and a had a nice long kip.

Back with more Dutch beer sketches. We've been running a bit short of dosh before I get paid next week. Good news for Dolores, as I've been working my way through the beer pile behind me. Which is where I found Honey Blonde.

Two Sisters really is run by two sisters. Fairly young ones, if the photos on their website are to be believed. The beer is brewed at De Fontein in Stein.

The Sisters Honey Blonde 7.9% ABV
Another pale golden job. Smells a bit perfumy. Does actually taste of hyoney, which is dead unusual in a honey beer. I'm not really getting the star anise. A slightly discordant buitterness at the end, like an unexpected car horn when you're halfway across a zebra crossing. It's another drinker.

I'm getting much more dilligent with label collection. No piles of bottles awaiting label removal on the floor. It's turning into a show home here. I keep telling Dolores that, but she just makes a funny snorting noise.

Now another spring seasonal, from one of the largest new Dutch breweries, Jopen.

Jopen Lentebier 7% ABV (€1.60 for 30 cl.)
A cloiudy yellow color. The aroma reminds me of elderflowers for some reason. There some malt sweetness way in the background, but this is mostly about hops. Quite bitter ones. Which makes it very different from the other spring beers, which were far sweeter. It says US hops, but I don'r get any of the usual citrus shit.

Just been thinking. I'm a lucky git. I got:

school milk
nit nurse
grammar school
free University
decent dole
cheap housing in London (squat)
retraining course
a job with a fully-licensed bar
meeting Dolores
moving to the US
freedom of movement in the EU
affordable Amsterdam house prices
decent dole
living close to Ton Overmars
decent dole
not dying . . . yet

Feeling a bit sorry for the kids. None of those apply for them*. On the upside, things were great for me.

They need to harden up. I endured the horrors of just two monochrome TV channels, regular power cuts, potato shortages, inflation, the threat of nuclear apocalypse and Anne Diamond. What's the worst in their lives?

* Except for living close to Ton Overmars.

The Sisters Brewery
Stationsweg 57
3621LK Breukelen
Tel: +31 (6) 81234221

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