Sunday, 17 April 2016

Random Dutch (beers part twenty-four)

It's Sunday now. Been quite a productive weekend. Done lots of writing. Plus less glamourous stuff like filling in expense reports.

The Sunday joint is in the oven. Leaving a little time to try more random Dutch beers. Starting with another from Brand. Another of their modern style beers.

Brand Saison 6.5% ABV
Pale yellow in colour. Pretty much the exact shade of healthy wee. Bit of hop and fruit in the aroma. Then cloves again in the mouth with a vague hoppiness somewhere. It tastes like a more watery version of their Lentbock. Which is odd, given they're the same strength. Not a fan of this one.

Have to rush to finish it. As I need some Abt for the gravy. Need to crack open a bottle of that sharpish.

Almost forgot. Here's the technical spec, courtesy of the Brand website:

OG Plato 12.5º
ABV  6.50%
Bitterness EBU  19
Fermentation  top
Colour EBC  8

You'll have to excuse me if I dance around in my chair for the next one. Got Propellerheads pumping through the headphones. Hard to sit still.

It's another Saison. Craft Beer, as it reasuringly says under the nudey lady's left leg.

The Sisters Worker Saison 9.4% ABV (€3.05 for 33 cl.)
WTF? A Saison over 9%? When I were a lad, they were half that. Not that I'm complaining. I'm in a bit of a post-prandial dip and the extra whoomph should help. Short term. Then it'll help knock me out. Double win! It tastes like - forgive me my style Nazi sins - like a Triple. But what does a Saison taste like? Always seemed very vague to me. More a loose concept than anything more concrete.

Concrete reminds me of something. Setting concrete. The feeling you get in your stomach when you know puking is inevitable. Just a question of when.

Seems a good place to stop.

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Lady Luck Brewing said...

For me, Saison tastes like Dupont. The yeast they use has a special character.