Thursday, 14 April 2016

Albany to DC

The day starts with the traditional plate full of fried things. Washed down with coffee.

I check out and Craig picks me up. He drives me to the train station and we say our goodbyes. Albany has been fun.

I’ve a little time before my train and take the opportunity to stock up on supplies for the journey. I had been planning just getting water. Until I notice that they’re selling beer. I buy a couple of bottles which are placed in classy brown paper bag. Adds to the atmosphere, I find.

Noticing that the train is crowded, I walk right to the front, past the buffet car. Where there’s a little more room. I whip out my flip flop and start tucking into Fresh Meat. That’ll make the journey go quicker. And the Laphroaig. Nothing shortens a journey like whisky.

The train service isn’t that bad. We rollock along at a reasonable pace, about the same as a Dutch Intercity. The seats are wide, the legroom generous and there’s free wifi. Could be a lot worse.

I’ve an hour or so between trains at Penn Station. I can’t be arsed to drag my bags outside so plop down at the bar closest to the platform, TGI Friday. I’ve been here before. Last time I was waiting for a train here. It’s not great, but does have a couple of decent beers. And whisky. But it isn’t cheap.

The train to Washington is even more crowded than the last. But I find some space and settle in for some more TV. The scenery isn’t quite as distracting as the Hudson Valley. Rust Belt is the phrase that comes to mind. Quite literally. The side of the railway is dotted with crumbling factories.

Paul and Jamie were supposed to be picking me up from the station in DC. But the metro has been closed down today for emergency repairs. Instead we’re meeting in Right Proper, a new production brewery. I grab a cab and head over that way.

Right Proper is run by Nathan Zeender, who greets me on arrival. We’ve met before. Paul and Jamie rock up a little later and Nathan gives us a spin around the Brewhouse. It has all the usual shiny things. But also a rather attractive row of wooden foeders.

We have a couple of beers then head off for some food. Italian-style food, just down the road. It’s quite nice, but I’m starting to tire.

Back at Paul and Jamie’s we have a whisky slumber chaser before climbing the stairs to bed.

Tomorrow is going to be a rare quiet day. Hanging around Paul and Jamie’s while they go to work. I’m quite looking forward to it.

TGI Friday

Right Proper Brewing Company
920 Girard St NE,
Washington, DC 20017.
Tel: +1 202-526-5904


Anonymous said...

The other kind of piano stool.

Anonymous said...

Q: What did Beethoven do after his 1st Movement?

A: Flushed.

Although given the era, he may or may not have actually had a flush toilet. The joke only works if one overlooks this unanswered question...

Lady Luck Brewing said...

Ha. My children are quite annoyed when I post pictures of weird stuff I find in bathrooms.
Glad I'm not the only one that finds stuff like this funny!