Friday, 22 April 2016

Random Dutch (beers part twenty-five)

Blame the Dutch brewing industry for being too dynamic. If there weren't so many new beers I wouldn't have anything to review sketch.

It's been another productive Saturday. I finished the first draught of an article. Just a bit of polishing left. Andrew has put together a customer database for me. I've harvested some analyses of North American Lagers. And it isn't even one o' clock.

I deserve a beer. Time to try the new ones from supermarket Deen. Three beers under the Veluwse Schavuyt brand, brewed at De Vlijt in Apeldoorn.

Veluwse Schavuyt Amber 6.5% ABV
It's a lovely colour. A deep reddish copper. It smells like beer. Pretty useless description, eh? Bacon, I can definitely pick that up. Though it's probably from the bacon Dolores is frying in the kitchen. Tastes like a boiled sweet that's had most of the flavour sucked out of it. But not quite all. It's OK, I suppose. I prefer a little more something.

What does Dolores think? "Mmm. Very buttery. Nice."

Thumbs up from Dolores then.

Veluwse Schavuyt IPA 6.5% ABV
Paler and not crystal clear. Restrained grapefruit and mango aroma. Not so much fruit salad in the mouth, just a tongue-clinging bitterness.  It literally leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. Dolores is going to love this one.

"Do you want to try another one from them?"

Dolores takes a big mouthful.

"It's OK. I prefer the other one."

"It's an IPA. I thought you'd hate it."

"It has that horrible grapefruit taste, but it's OK."

I've just remembered. I need to finish off next Wednesday's recipe.

Veluwse Schavuyt Tripel 7.5% ABV
I was going to say it looks exactly the same colour as the IPA. But their website is another with reasonable details. And it lists identical colours for the two. Spicy. Quite dry. ANd spicy again. Bum. Not coming up with much.


"Mm. That's quite nice as well. I like the first and the third best."

Everyone and his budgie is making an IPA here now. Leading to some odd-looking product ranges. De Vlijt is a good example:

De Vlijt Beers 2016
Beer Style OG Plato ABV  Bitterness EBU  Fermentation  Colour EBC 
Veluwse Schavuyt Amber Amber 14.7º 6.50% 17 top 24
Veluwse Schavuyt Witbier Witbier 11.9º 5% 18 top 7
Veluwse Schavuyt Blond Blond 13.3º 5.60% 17 top 13
Veluwse Schavuyt IPA IPA 13.9º 6.50% 40 top 17
Veluwse Schavuyt Tripel Tripel 16.8º 7.50% 39 top 17
Veluwse Schavuyt Herfstbock Bok 14.7º 6.50% 30 top 52
De Vlijt website

A mix of Belgain and Dutch styles with an IPA thrown in for fun.

A woman asked in Ton Overmars today "Do you have any of the blue St. Bernardus?"

I'd just stripped every bottle off the shelf. Luckily they had another crate out the back.

Got the recipe done. It's meant to be in one of my book projects. One so far from done. Barely started.

De Vlijt
Vlijtseweg 114/130,
Tel: 06-144 39 518

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