Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Stuff you'll never read

I've just finished what I consider one of my best pieces of the year. But you'll never read it. Because it's a private letter.

Once I wrote dozens of letters a year. Now it's just one. An annual update for family and friends, loosely based on the events of the year. It's up to the recipient to disentagle fict from faction.

This is a sample:
We escaped from the kids for a few short breaks. Literally escaped. Leaving a note on the kitchen table “Gone to Rio, back in three weeks. This should cover food.” With a five euro note underneath.  And five 1 cent coins to hold it all down. (No loss, you can’t use those here in Holland.)
I've assembled letters from christmasses past into a book. One I meant to issue last year, but left it too late. Continuing my title them, it's called Xmas!. It's so good that it won't be available in any shop. Or even for purchase. The only way of getting a copy is if I send you one.

Not sure why I've told you about this. Other than to brag about having two christmas books. I must be bored again.

Here are some of my books that you can buy:

Barclay Perkins Bookstore

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