Thursday, 25 December 2014

Drinkalongathon 2014 - fino sherry and White Christmas


Welcome to Drinkalongathon 2014!

Bit of a late start this year. I've been busy making the stuffing for the duck. And searching the internet to see how long the duck needs to be cooked. Around 3 hours, it seems.

Stuffing done, I've cracked open the sherry. We've only one bottle this year so I can't go crazy.

What says Christmas more than a reggae version of White Christmas? That's what's playing at the moment and its sticky sentimentality complements perfectly the dry saltiness of the sherry.

I should really have some breakfast before I get too stuck into our booze pile. What goes with a bacon sandwich? I know - anything. If you've a bacon sandwich in your hand what does it matter what you're tipping down your neck?


Ed said...

I've got the happy christamas Hawkwind on. Won't start on the sherry till I get to my brother's though.

Barm said...

I discovered many years ago after arriving in England off an overnight ferry, that a crisp cool pint of watery cask bitter goes splendidly with a bacon sandwich.