Friday, 12 December 2014


This morning I realised that I still have 2.5 days holiday left. Amazing, eh, given the amount of travelling I've one?

So I took the afternoon off. For a bit of a rest. It's been a busy year. And the next looks like being worse. Best grab respite while I can.

Looking back fondly, picking out highlights, rewarding the worthy and chastising the wicked. That's usual at this time of year. I've done it myself. With my mean-spirited awards for crap beer history writing. Then thought - what's the point?

Looking forward is the other cliche (one which has already snared me). Which leaves me with today.

The weather is crap. Wet and windy. Alexei is upstairs screaming at French gamers, Andrew's off on the piss around his mate's and I'm still wasting my time writing blog posts. Really is plural. This is the third today. ("European beers in 1929" and "German and English Beer Types Compared in the 1930’s" are the other two.) So much for resting.

These are my awards for 2014 (12th December):

Highlight: leaving work this afternoon
Best beer: St. Bernardus Abt*
Best book: "Beer from the Expert's Viewpoint" by Arnold Spencer Wahl and Robert Wahl, 1937.**
Best place visited: Ton Overmars Slijterij
Best off-licence: Ton Overmars Slijterij
Best whisky: the small bottle of Lagavullin hidden between my Abts
Best magazine: Viz***

* the only beer I've drunk today.
** the only book I've read today.
*** you must be getting the hang of this by now.

Before I forget, today is a brilliant time to buy yourself a present that you'll cherish for the rest of your life:

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