Thursday, 27 November 2014

Record early sales of Yule Logs!!

Double figures already!*

I'm delighted with sales so far, qua collectable value. And the five copies I've bought and inscribed:

"This is the personal copy of the author."

Or was that ten?

Tea is almost ready. I need to sign out.

It's a weird book, none of my usual dazzling wit and repartee**. Just photos - of varying legibility - of brewing logs.

Here's a crazy bonus - the first to ask me to sign a copy of Yule Logs!!*** will get an exclusive Barclay Perkins mug - for free!!.

Buy my weirdly pointless book! I'll get back to you later with a reason why.

* Remember I work in binary.
** F_ck off, you red-nosed c_nt.
*** In person, with a copy of the book for me to sign.


Michael S Patterson said...

Will you sign my copy of Yule Logs? I'd have to come up with a proper way of displaying it and not just have it with my Beer Advocate back issues.

Ron Pattinson said...


of course. For only the smallest of fees. I haven't signed one yet. A suitable amount could dissuade me from further signings. If you know what I mean.